Want to get better at Golf Clash? – Follow these tips

There is no doubt that Golf Clash is one of the most popular and best Golf Simulator Game for mobile devices. Millions of players from around the world play this game. In today’s post we will be telling you about how you can maximize your chances of winning a match in Golf Clash. If you know how to win a match you can easily win big tournaments and earn hundreds of free coins and gems in Golf Clash. So, without any further ado let’s look at some Golf Clash Tips and Tricks to become the best.

Get the perfect timing!

While taking a shot in your match you see a timing meter. You need to make sure that you leave the ball at the PERFECT mark. To do that, you need to gain an intuition of the markers speed and the position. Think of leaving the ball a little before the marker reaches the perfect mark. As we take time to react we will leave the ball when the marker reaches the perfect mark.

Don’t believe the AI

Before you take the shot, the game AI will suggest you an automatic trajectory. While most of the time it’s okay if you follow that trajectory but I will suggest you to use your own brain and find the best trajectory for yourself. Always try to reach as close as possible to the hole. There might be a trajectory that AI hasn’t thought of. So, think of that trajectory yourself.

Learn Spins

Many novices ignore them but spins can give you a really good advantage over your opponents. A person who has mastered spins can really be a tough competitor to beat. That’s why I will highly advise you to focus on this aspect of the game. There are three types of spins:

  1. Front-spin: The ball moves forward with speed after bouncing.
  2. Back-spin: The ball slows down after bouncing.
  3. Side spin (left and right): The ball spins to left or right after bouncing.

Now use your creativity and imagination to understand how you can use the spins to reach closer to the putt.

So, these are some Golf Clash Tips and tricks that can help you in the game. If you are interested in knowing more Golf Clash Tips then you can read our Golf Clash Club Guide.

Stay tuned for more Golf Clash tips and tricks. Thanks for reading.

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