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Download Iemu Apk for free latest version 2019

Iemu Application is one of the top most android emulator were an user can download and enjoy any type of ios application for free. Today we are going to provide download link to iemu apk and will tell you about the features of the app. So, let’s get started.

Why to choose iemu Application:

There are many emulators presented in the internet but picking and choosing the right application never harms your device from malware.

In generally iemu is an android application format emulator were an iemu user can download some ios applications like cydia in the android device.

The iemu application works. iemu can be considered as an ios app store because it contains some of the ios apps in it. and it makes there users to install the ios based application in there android devices.

About iemu application.

There are many android users in this society but some of them wish to run some of the trending ios applications in there android os based device.

But its not possible in past. but present days there are some applications like iemu which allows there user to install ios application in there android devices

For free and they can enjoy many ios applications in there android based devices.This is the only simple and genuine way were an user can enjoy ios applications in their android devices.

download iemu apk

iemu an considered as one the top most android application which acts an an emulator which consists of ios based application. Iemu application is considered as the

Top most trusted android ios emulator.when ever some of the users has interested to play some ios tunes applications so they install by simple installing these iemu application.

Minimum Requirement

  • 512 MB or more RAM (1GB ram runs smoothly).
  • 70MB + of storage space(reduces lags and bugs).
  • Android v2.3 (preferred are nougat, and Lollipop and later on)

Will iEMU App Replaces Android phone to iphone ?

No and never its just an emulator. The iEMU APK or welly known as Paranoid emulator is the experimental project that had created the possibility. But it doesn’t mean it replaces the iPhone; it lacks in many things. As you cannot make use of the camera were you miss the clarity and effects which has enjoyed in ios based devices, microphone, GPS, and any other sensors while you are on iEMU simulation. It is not compatible with every smartphone you throw, it hardly works.

It only simulates certain apps and games for the individual smartphone which generally runs in ios platform applications. Well that being said, iEMU is neither too shabby, for free you are blessed with some iPhone apps to grab your hands on. Again for free, we can’t complain anything. Let’s hope for the best!

golf clash free gems and gold

Golf Clash – Methods to get Free gems and gold

If you are a regular player of Golf Clash game then it’s easy to understand how important the gems and gold currencies are in the game. So, today we decided to provide you with a hack that can get you free Gems and Gold in the Golf Clash Game. The Golf Clash free gems and gold hack that we are talking about here is called the Golf Clash Cheats.

The Golf Clash Cheats is a 100% legit way of getting free gems and gold in Golf Clash. Read the methods provided below to learn how you can cheat golf clash.

#Method 1 – Use AppBounty, FreeMyApps, CashForApps

These are some of the apps that provide you free credits for completing surveys, playing games, watching videos etc. You can then convert these credits into Google Play/App Store Credits. Using these credits you can purchase gems and gold in your Golf Clash game. It is 100% legitimate and safe way to get free gems and gold in Golf Clash.

#Method 2 – Attach your account with Facebook

You can simply attach your Golf Clash Account with your Facebook account to get a free premium chest. Attaching your account with Facebook will not only get you free chest but it will also enable you to invite your friends to play with you and ask for free gold from them. So, link your Facebook Account with your Golf Clash Account if you haven’t done it till now.

#Method 3 – Invest in Tournaments wisely

You know that it takes some gold to participate in a tournament. If you win the tournament you get much more gold in return. That’s why it is important to invest in tours wisely. Choose the tour that you think you can win. If you unnecessarily invest in tough to win tournaments you will only lose more and more gold. So, invest in tours wisely. By the rule of thumb you should have at least 2X to 3X amount of gold that is required in the tour in your account.

#Method 4 – Google Opinion Rewards

You can download the Google Opinion rewards app to get free gems and gold in Golf Clash. In Google Opinion Rewards, you just have to answer some basic questions and surveys and google will reward you with Google PlayStore credits in return of that. It’s an easy way to get free Google PlayStore credits that you can use to buy some gold and gems in Golf Clash. Easy and simple way to utilize your time to get some free gold and gems in Golf Clash.

#Method 5 – Use the Golf Clash Hack

As we told above, you can use the Golf Clash hack any day and get free gems and gold in golf clash anytime. In order to use the Golf Clash hack simply follow the steps provided below:

  1. Click on the link provided above to access the Golf Clash hack.
  2. Now, enter your in-game username in the hack.
  3. Choose the platform on which you are playing this game.
  4. Click on Connect.
  5. Now, enter the amount of gems and gold you want.
  6. Click on Generate!

And that’s it! You have successfully hacked Golf Clash. So, go and give these methods a try. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and cheats. Thanks for reading.

Fortnite free V-Bucks

Are you a person who was about to save your princess in Mario and died just because of zero lifelines. Or are you the one who used to bang every enemy in Contra but during the final battle you didn’t have enough life to survive. In modern-day gaming, there are high graphics and visuals and speed. But along with all these changes, there is also one thing that helps us survive or purchase such equipment or lifelines to survive through the game. Generally, these are coins or V-Bucks or digital local game money and in case of FORTNITE, they are V-Bucks. And here we will learn and see that how one can get free V-Bucks without actually purchasing them , thanks to the free v bucks generator.

About Fortnite

Fortnite is a online battle game which is also available in certain modes and also in the form of software to play on certain devices. It was first released in 2017 and developed by EPIC GAMES. It is also available in certain software packages and several game modes. There are three different modes of this game and all three modes share the same general gameplay and game engine. The three different game modes are:

  1. Fortnite: Save The World
  2. Fortnite: Battle Royale
  3. Fortnite: Creative

Fortnite: Save The World is a cooperative Shooter-Survivalgame. It has 4 players to fight off zombie like creaturesand defend objects with fortifications they can build. Fortnite: Battle Royale is a free to play battle and upto 100 players can fight/play at a time. The last one to survive wins. Fortnite: Creative is the mode where you can create your own battles and your own worlds. Mode 1 and 3 run on platforms like Windows, XBOX, PS4. Mode 2 was later developed doe plarforms like IOS and Android.

What are V-Bucks?

Every global state has their own currency and in the same way every game has their own game currency. Here in Fortnite, V-Bucks is the currency that helps in purchasing certain items from the store.  V-Buck is a short from for Vindertech Bucks or VinderBucks. It is an in-game currency. You can get free v bucks no human verification from They are used for purchasing items the Vindertech store in Fortnite: Save The World. It is also used to purchase the battle pass in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Tips and Tricks to get free V-Bucks

You are at the right place to see that how one can get free V-Bucks in Fortnite: battle Royale and Fortnite: Save The World. Here we will tell you about all the ways to earn free V-Bucks by playing the game and performing some tasks. There are very little ways to earn free V-Bucks in Fortnite: Battle Royale. But Fortunately there are several ways to earn free V-Bucks by playing Fortnite: Save The World. Playing  Save The World awards a lot of free V-Bucks which you can use in either game mode. And to all the luck Save The World will be available for free in 2019. Some of the ways to earn free V-Bucks are:

  1. Daily Quests: Daily Quests are helpful in letting you earn 50-100 free V-Bucks and 100 daily Coins. Daily Quests are very rarely done on a single mission. Every time you will login into the game you will get a daily quest just after completing the tutorial. You can replace a Daily Quest with another once a day.
  • Login Rewards: There are daily free V-Bucks as rewards when you login. Save the World’s login rewards are great. 1000 V-Bucks are rewarded on day 365 and 800 Free V-Bucks on day 112 and 224. Login Rewards sum up a total of 10,000 free V-Bucks in 336 days (30 Free V-Bucks per day) and after day 336 the cycle of earning free V-Bucks starts again as from day 1 again. These Free V-Bucks can be used in other Fortnite modes too.
11 50 
28 300 
35 150 
49 150 
56 300 
70 150 
77 150 
84 300 
91 150 
98 150 
105 150 
112 800 
119 150 
126 150 
133 150 
140 300 
147 150 
154 150 
161 150 
168 300 
175 150 
182 150 
189 150 
196 300 
203 150 
210 150 
217 150 
224 800 
231 150 
238 150 
245 150 
252 300 
259 150 
266 150 
273 150 
280 300 
287 150 
294 150 
301 150 
308 300 
315 150 
322 150 
329 150 
336 1000

How to get the most out of Login Rewards: Do remember to login everyday so that you reach to the V-Buck rewarded days faster. Even if you forget to login one or two days in between your daily login streak will not get lost. You will continue from the same one the next day.

  • Timed Missions:

There are several timed missions in different modes of Fortnite that rewards you with Evolution Material, experience, schematics, heroes, defenders, survivors, perk resources and transform keys. But mainly that we get by timed missions is Free V-Bucks and that too in good amount. These Free V-Bucks can be claimed once the on the completion of the mission. There are several types of timed missions out of which Mini-Boss missions can give you several free V-Bucks. Mini-Boss missions are also called Mini-Boss mission alerts or just Mission Alerts.

The reward is of about 40-50 Free V-Bucks per mission and the mission changes after every six hours. You can complete maximum three mission alerts on a single day. This limit increases to ten missions per day on certain events.

  • Main Questline:

There are several storm shield defence missions in main quest-lines that lets you earn 100 free V-Bucks. When you will begin playing the game there will be more chances for you to get these missions and earn more free V-Bucks. Strom Shield missions also rewards you and your team mates with Hero experiences and Mini Llamas.

  • Side Quests:

List of all the known Side quests that lets you earn free V-Bucks.

  • Lok’s Book of monsters – Gather sample data of a specific type of husk in successful missions. Some of them reward you with free V-Bucks.
  • Floating Freaks – It gives you 100 free V-Bucks.
  • Stonewood/Plankton/Canney Valley/Twine Peaks – Each gives you 100 free V-Bucks on completion.
  • Events

There are several events in Fortnite that tend to give away a lot of free V-Bucks. Events have introduced heroes, traps, weapons and survivors have granted free legendaries as well as V-Bucks when completed.

Want to get better at Golf Clash? – Follow these tips

There is no doubt that Golf Clash is one of the most popular and best Golf Simulator Game for mobile devices. Millions of players from around the world play this game. In today’s post we will be telling you about how you can maximize your chances of winning a match in Golf Clash. If you know how to win a match you can easily win big tournaments and earn hundreds of free coins and gems in Golf Clash. So, without any further ado let’s look at some Golf Clash Tips and Tricks to become the best.

Get the perfect timing!

While taking a shot in your match you see a timing meter. You need to make sure that you leave the ball at the PERFECT mark. To do that, you need to gain an intuition of the markers speed and the position. Think of leaving the ball a little before the marker reaches the perfect mark. As we take time to react we will leave the ball when the marker reaches the perfect mark.

Don’t believe the AI

Before you take the shot, the game AI will suggest you an automatic trajectory. While most of the time it’s okay if you follow that trajectory but I will suggest you to use your own brain and find the best trajectory for yourself. Always try to reach as close as possible to the hole. There might be a trajectory that AI hasn’t thought of. So, think of that trajectory yourself.

Learn Spins

Many novices ignore them but spins can give you a really good advantage over your opponents. A person who has mastered spins can really be a tough competitor to beat. That’s why I will highly advise you to focus on this aspect of the game. There are three types of spins:

  1. Front-spin: The ball moves forward with speed after bouncing.
  2. Back-spin: The ball slows down after bouncing.
  3. Side spin (left and right): The ball spins to left or right after bouncing.

Now use your creativity and imagination to understand how you can use the spins to reach closer to the putt.

So, these are some Golf Clash Tips and tricks that can help you in the game. If you are interested in knowing more Golf Clash Tips then you can read our Golf Clash Club Guide.

Stay tuned for more Golf Clash tips and tricks. Thanks for reading.