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Golf Clash Guide: Which Clubs to choose?

Hello friends! Today in this post we are going to discuss the Golf Clash Club Guide. We will tell you how you can choose the best club according to your playing style and the aim that you want to achieve. The level of depth of this game is amazing. You have to learn a lot about stats of different clubs, different kinds of balls, etc. in order to be the number player on the leaderboards. Today, we are going to give you some vital information about Golf Clash Clubs which will help you in choosing the best club. So, without any further ado let’s get started!

Golf Clash Advanced Tips – The Reddit Spreadsheet

Reddit never disappoints us be it any topic. The Golf Clash Community on Reddit is maintaining an amazing spreadsheet that will help you in deciding which club you should choose. Visit /r/GolfClash to know more about this spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is updated frequently. Visit to check this spreadsheet out. The spreadsheet looks very confusing at first so let me uncomplicate it for you. The most important column in this spreadsheet is the Perfect Weighted column. It tells you how perfect the club is. For example, a golf club with 240 power is 100% perfect and with 190 power it is 0% perfect but with 215 power it will 50% perfect. So, the perfect weighted calculates the percentage of the perfection of each column and then averages it.

golf clash guide

The Club Upgrading Strategy

Instead of going nuts and upgrading each and every club to its maximum level you should only upgrade the important clubs. For each type there exist some clubs that are actually good and useful. So, the best way of approaching upgrading is to choose the best club for each type and invest your coins only on it. You can choose the best club from each type by analyzing the above-given spreadsheet. Here is what I would suggest you: –

  1. Driver: – Apocalypse, Extra mile.
  2. Wood: – Sniper, Guardian
  3. Rough Iron: – Nirvana

The Club Ranker is a no-brainer. It literally makes selecting the best club for your style totally easy for you. Just use the sliders provided there to weight the attributes you want in your Club and you will have a long list of clubs which match those attributes. Just select the topmost club and rule the game like a pro.

That’s it for our post on the Golf Clash Club guide. We hope that you liked it. Share this post with your friends and help them end the confusion of which club to choose. We will keep sharing more golf clash tips and tricks. Till then, stay tuned and thanks for reading.