everwing game review

Everwing game Review – Best game on facebook?

Everwing is one of the most played games on Facebook. It is really addictive and has really eye catchy graphics. Today we are going to review this game. We are also going to provide you some Everwing tips and tricks taken from Tipotrickz.com-Everwing tips that will help you in becoming a better player of this game. So, without any further ado let’s get started!


The Everwing game is a vertical scrolling game in which you have to control your fairy’s movement and have to kill the monsters that come in front of her. You also get two sidekick dragons which also shoot the monsters. After a certain interval you get to face the boss monster. As you level up the speed of the game increases and monsters come towards you more swiftly. When you kill a monster it turns into bunch of coins which you can collect.

The game has two in-game currencies that are called Coins and Trophies. Coins are used to unlock fairies, upgrade them and to get sidekicks. There are two other game modes called Quests and Multiplayer mode.

Overall gameplay of this game is really addictive because of the easy to understand control and infinite runner mode. This game is a great way to pass your time and challenge your friends to beat your high score.

I would rate the gameplay of this game 7/10.

everwing review

Graphics and UI

The graphics and the interface of this game are very eye catchy and colorful. You can’t get your eyes off from amazing animations and GFX. One of the main factors that make this game really addictive are its GFX and user-interface. I really loved them and would rate the GFX of this game 8.5/10.

Coming to characters and bosses you face in the game. There are fairies, monsters, bosses and sidekicks. All of these characters are well designed and the effects and animations added to them are pretty awesome.

Overall this game is a must to play and i would rate this game 8/10.

Now after reading about the Everwing game review let’s learn some everwing tips and tricks that you can apply in your game to become a better player.

Everwing tips and tricks

  1. Collect Magnets: – Collecting magnets is the easiest way of collecting coins. Magnets attract coins and gems towards the fairy making it easier for you to collect them. Never miss the magnets, never!
  2. Unlock all the fairies: – Unlocking all the fairies is a better option than upgrading your unlocked fairy again and again. More fairies you have in your pocket the more coins you can make by sending them to quests. The more coins you have the easier it will be for you to upgrade your fairies afterwards.
  3. Fairies and their roles: – Every fairy has a role assigned to it. You just need to find the fairy that fits your needs and use her. For example: – Sophia completes quests 2X faster so she is optimal for quests, Lenore is optimal for live battles as she has two lives.

So, that’s it my friends! We told you everything you need to know about the Everwing game and gave you some everwing tips to learn. Stay tuned for more! Thanks for reading.